Maple workshop

A Maple workshop will be held on Wednesday 9th December. All EMAC attendees are welcome. Please register for the workshop when registering for the conference.

When: 2-4pm Wed 9th December
Where: UniSA, City West Campus

Attendees must bring their own laptop for use during the workshop. If you’d like to attend the workshop but do not have your own laptop, please contact the EMAC conference organisers and we’ll arrange an alternative.

After registering for the workshop, please contact the ASES support team at or call 02 99334900 and let them know that they are attending EMAC 2015 and will be attending Maple workshop. You will then be sent a copy of Maple (evaluation) to use during the workshop.

Designing Industry Engineering Applications Using Maple

Built on over 25 years of success and experience in high performance mathematical computing, Maplesoft has introduced a new product line designed to face the challenges of modern engineering head on. The Maplesoft product vision delivers advanced modelling techniques that increase research efficiency by an order of magnitude but is so easy to use and intuitive that undergrads can easily manage its power and gain greater insight into the nature of physical system modelling. The benefits to the institution are fundamental. Whether your interest is in the classroom experience, or advanced theoretical research, or practical realizations of designs, or even development of sophisticated models for consulting services to industry, the Maplesoft product line uniquely provides tools to satisfy such different needs. This workshop will focus on those tools.

In addition, in recent times there has been a great interest in moving courses online which is challenging at the best of times, but is particularly difficult when it comes to math-based courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  Maplesoft can help! In this workshop we will address The Möbius Project which is designed to help academic institutions move their STEM courses online.  Maplesoft has years of expertise in technical education, and has both the experience and technology to help you meet the particular challenges of math-based courses in an online environment. With Maplesoft’s help, you can provide an engaging, effective learning experience for your students that doesn’t just replicate, but actually enhances, the student experience.

Basic knowledge of Maple is desirable, however the Maple basics will be covered in the first part of the workshop.


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