Presenter Information

All contributed talks are 15 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The session chair will give you a signal when you have 5 minutes remaining. Do not exceed your time.

Each lecture theatre is equipped with a computer running Windows, with mouse, keyboard, USB ports, and Internet connection. Whiteboards are also available.

We strongly encourage you to bring your talk in the form of a PDF document, preferably on a USB storage device. Please make sure that your talk is uploaded prior to the beginning of your session. The desktop in the lecture theatre can display Powerpoint documents but we cannot guarantee that all fonts are available. Note that postscript files cannot be displayed.

If you require access to other software packages or other audio-visual equipments please talk to the Conference organisers well in advance to see whether it can be arranged.

For Students

The William Finlay Blyth Prize will be awarded to the best student presentation at the EMAC conference.

In addition, ASES (Maple) will offer a prize for the best student presentation that uses Maple. The winning student will receive the Maple Advanced Engineering Bundle – 2015 (the bundle consists of the  Maple Student Edition and the Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple e-book with solutions). Students who wish to be in the running for this prize must advise the organisers at the registration desk. Their use of Maple must be clearly highlighted in their talk.

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